Jose R Toledo MD

(CEO and Medical Director)
is a Neurologist with 25 years of experience.

A well-rounded and accomplished individual, Jose R. Toledo, M.D., is the Medical Director, CEO, and Founder of Neurodiagnostics*, which was established in Stuart, Florida in 1993.

Dr. Toledo is a neurologist with 25 years of experience and has been in private practice since 1991 on the Treasure Coast of Florida.Dr. Toledo completed his neurology training at the State University of New York and his Fellowship training at the University of Pittsburgh in Epilepsy and Clinical Neurophysiology.

He also completed 24 months of acute inpatient psychiatry at the Western Missouri Mental Health Center, University of Missouri in Kansas City.In 2008, Dr. Toledo participated in and was certified in the continuing medical education activity entitled Buprenorphine and Office-Based Treatment of Opioid Dependence from The Medical University of South Carolina during which began his quest to found and head Neuropsychiatric Addiction Clinic.

Dr. Toledo is a brain specialist with particular competence in addiction medicine and out-patient detoxification treatment. He is certified to prescribe Buprenorphine (Suboxone).He incorporates his background in neurology into the addiction field . Dr Toledo is member/fellow of The American Medical Association, The Florida Medical Association and The American Society of Addiction Medicine.

Suboxone (Buprenorphine & Naloxone)

More than 2 million Americans struggle with addiction to prescription opioids or street opiates such as heroin. Suboxone has proven to be an effective treatment option for opioid addiction when administered by a medical professional. Its use for this purpose was approved in 2002 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), following the opioid crisis. Suboxone treatment can relieve pain and reduce the effects of opioid withdrawal symptoms.

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VIVITROL® (naltrexone for extended-release injectable suspension) is a non-addictive, once-monthly treatment proven to prevent relapse in opioid dependent patients when used with counseling following detoxification.1

Before starting VIVITROL, you must be opioid-free for a minimum of 7-14 days to avoid sudden opioid withdrawal.

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MAT (Medicated-Assisted Treatment)

Medicated-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is the use of FDA- approved medications, in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies, to provide a “whole-patient” approach to the treatment of substance use disorders.

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